The Arts Advocate Report provides unique and definitive information on the politics and policies influencing the arts, heritage and cultural industries in Ontario and Canada. Designed to strengthen its subscribers' own advocacy efforts in public policy, the Report consistently provides succinct and pertinent intelligence on the politics and policies affecting Ontario's cultural sector.

Led by Micheline McKay, The Arts Advocate Report is part of Micheline McKay + Associates (MM + A) a public affairs consultancy that aims to encourage a positive policy climate for its clients in the cultural sector. Providing policy analysis, organizational development and issues management, MM+A works to strengthen the arts, heritage and cultural industries.

The Arts Advocate Report began in 1994 to respond to the increased need for the engagement of cultural organizations in public policy.

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    What Our Subscriber's Say

    "When I see [The Arts Advocate] on my e-mail, I am generally quick to open it as I find the information is important, timely and well synthesized … I count on it to keep me alerted to cultural issues in Ontario."

    — Susan Annis, Cultural Human Resources Council

    "I was thrilled to find this in my in-box, as it saved me the time of having to précis it for my colleagues! You're providing a very valuable service!"

    — Juniper Locilento, Development Professional

    "Excellent summary. Timely. A must read."

    — Charles Vallerand, Coalition for Cultural Diversity

    "Arts Advocate Report has been indispensable reading since its start. A valued resource."

    — Jocelyn Harvey

    "I'd just like to underline the value for money that we receive. It's a well-spent $99/year."

    — Katherine Carlton, Orchestras Canada

    "A very useful and relevant publication."

    — Katherine Carlton, Orchestras Canada

    "I was an early subscriber and have never been disappointed! I actually feel guilty if I don't immediately read what I get because I know the info is always useful. Thanks for providing a wonderful service to the arts and heritage community."

    — Karen Bachman, Timmins Museum

    "I know I've said this before but… Arts Advocate is THE BEST information vehicle for me to find out what's happening at all government levels. Great issue."

    — Bev Carret, AGO

    "The Arts Advocate provides accurate information with an insider's timeliness.

    Its succinct insight on policy and who is doing what adds richness to our understanding of the national and provincial context and the potential impact at a municipal level."

    — Carrie Brooks-Joiner
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